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William Devane and Rosland Capital Take on the Presidential Election

The first new commercial Rosland Capital uploaded was for the UK. The second got as American as possible, with William Devane discussing the presidential election and declaring two things he would do as a good American: Vote, and buy gold from Rosland Capital.


William Devane Gets British in New UK Commercial

Rosland Capital posted their first new commercial this week and it is targeted at the United Kingdom. Rosland Capital expanded into the UK last year.

William Devane is seen sitting next to a butler named Henry, showcasing British gold coins for sale.

The New Rosland Capital Commercials Are Coming!

According to a new blog post from the agency InterMedia Advertising, a new round of Rosland Capital commercials with William Devane are hitting the airwaves soon! Be on the lookout!

“We’ve just completed our fifth round of work in our ever-popular Rosland Capital campaign starring William Devane.

On the first day we shot two spots. The first was at a grand, columned building near the USC campus, where Mr Devane pauses while marching up the steps and shares his concern about our ever-growing national debt. Then we returned to Calabasas Country Club, site of part of our 2014 shoot, for a spot focused on saving for your retirement with a gold and silver IRA from Rosland Capital. We brought in a water truck to produce the effect of rain falling to underpin Mr Devane’s message about the importance of being prepared for whatever may come.”