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Updated Presidential Election Commercial!

Rosland Capital recently released a new version of this commercial. With so much uncertainty surrounding the upcoming presidential election, William Devane reminds us why it’s more important than ever to invest in gold from Rosland Capital.


US Deficit Keeps Climbing

An updated commercial from Rosland Capital tells us that the national debt has risen past $19 trillion! Updated newspaper and clock in the video below. Going to keep an eye on that Rosland Capital Twitter account for new videos.

Election Coverage Producing Many Commercials!

People are all over the cable news networks this year with the ongoing race for the White House. Fox News continues to run all of the Rosland Capital ads, you figure they all must be making out well. Reading around, it looks as though Rosland Capital is receiving good reviews and according to their LinkedIn profile, they are hiring. The power of Devane! They even brought out the election-themed commercial which is worth a second look:

UPDATED: Rosland Capital Commercial with New Defecit

Rosland Capital has released a new version of one of their commercials featuring William Devane. The US National debt has surpassed $18.5 trillion, and Rosland Capital is all over it in their new advertisement. Check it out below!

Rosland Capital TV Commercial, ‘Presidential Election’

Recently Aired on FoxNews during Your World with Neil Cavuto. From –

Rosland Capital Commercial Stills

Rosland Capital recently posted a slideshow of images of William Devane during the filming of commercials earlier this year.

UK Part II!

A second commercial intended for the United Kingdom was released by Rosland Capital, with William Devane talking to the Brits about British coins. He tosses in a “cheers!” at the end, just as he did in the first.


William Devane talks more than just gold. Here he is promoting silver for Rosland Capital as a smart way to protect your money.

America is About to Make History

William Devane points out that the United States is about to make history in a way we never intended. The national debt is approaching $18.5 trillion! If you’re concerned, Devane wants you to protect yourself with Rosland Capital.

William Devane in the Rain!

In another new commercial for Rosland Capital, William Devane hustles out of the rain on the golf course just in time to tell folks to control the money in their retirement with gold and silver backed IRAs.