Rosland Capital Commercials

Protect What You’ve Worked Hard For

A new video has recently been released by Rosland Capital with William Devane. In the commercial he chops wood and gives advice on protecting against inflation with gold from Rosland Capital.


Backed by Gold

William Devane is back for Rosland Capital with a giant vault, sharing how secure he feels gold IRAs are with audiences.

America Back to Work

Here is a new video from Rosland Capital with William Devane in a busy cargo port, with more info on gold and silver coins from their collection.

The Rosland Book of Gold

Mr. Gold is back with the Rosland book of gold commercial spot. He shows off Rosland’s Formula 1 collection along with British and American gold coins.

Safer with Gold

Another new video with William Devane from Rosland Capital, this time on the American battleship USS Iowa with gold coins.

Updated: Protect Your Money

Here is an updated commercial of William Devane promoting silver coins and providing a glance into the collection from Rosland Capital.

US Debt Goes Up

Below is an updated video from Rosland Capital about the US debt. It features the clock and newspaper used in previous commercials, but now reflects our nation’s $19.5 trillion debt.