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Safer with Gold

Another new video with William Devane from Rosland Capital, this time on the American battleship USS Iowa with gold coins.

US Debt Goes Up

Below is an updated video from Rosland Capital about the US debt. It features the clock and newspaper used in previous commercials, but now reflects our nation’s $19.5 trillion debt.

Updated Presidential Election Commercial!

Rosland Capital recently released a new version of this commercial. With so much uncertainty surrounding the upcoming presidential election, William Devane reminds us why it’s more important than ever to invest in gold from Rosland Capital.


UK Part II!

A second commercial intended for the United Kingdom was released by Rosland Capital, with William Devane talking to the Brits about British coins. He tosses in a “cheers!” at the end, just as he did in the first.


William Devane talks more than just gold. Here he is promoting silver for Rosland Capital as a smart way to protect your money.

America is About to Make History

William Devane points out that the United States is about to make history in a way we never intended. The national debt is approaching $18.5 trillion! If you’re concerned, Devane wants you to protect yourself with Rosland Capital.

William Devane and Rosland Capital Take on the Presidential Election

The first new commercial Rosland Capital uploaded was for the UK. The second got as American as possible, with William Devane discussing the presidential election and declaring two things he would do as a good American: Vote, and buy gold from Rosland Capital.