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The New Rosland Capital Commercials Are Coming!

According to a new blog post from the agency InterMedia Advertising, a new round of Rosland Capital commercials with William Devane are hitting the airwaves soon! Be on the lookout!

“We’ve just completed our fifth round of work in our ever-popular Rosland Capital campaign starring William Devane.

On the first day we shot two spots. The first was at a grand, columned building near the USC campus, where Mr Devane pauses while marching up the steps and shares his concern about our ever-growing national debt. Then we returned to Calabasas Country Club, site of part of our 2014 shoot, for a spot focused on saving for your retirement with a gold and silver IRA from Rosland Capital. We brought in a water truck to produce the effect of rain falling to underpin Mr Devane’s message about the importance of being prepared for whatever may come.”


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